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the two that seem to be most popular are Arachnophilia 4.0 (Last accessible version):
note tab, all three versions:

and though they have generation capabilities, you can as well and just as easily do all your work manually in them. I use the free version of note tab for some things, and the free Arachnophilia for others, mainly graphics work and things like document conversions.

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Hi all,
Does anyone use this with screen readers? I need to use this for my website
management module, part of my HND in Computing. It works OK with JAWS,
except I can't get the menus to work properly. When I press alt I'm not told
I'm on the menu bar, however if I open the "invisible" menu in the usual
way, JAWS tells me what's selected, but doesn't tell me if there are
submenus, etc. If not, does anyone know of a free alternative? I could use
Visual Web Developer 2005, but according to the module specifications we're
expected to write the code manually and therefore using tools to automate
HTML means failure. Thanks in advance.
Chris Hallsworth
BrailleNote mPower user

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