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I'm on the other side of the fence here, I would rather have lists for three items or more, but if your using a lot of lists in it can you please! please! header them or I should say use the <lh> tags in them so if we go to move through them we know where we have landed?

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I personally would think an item with one items is the best way then when
you get used to navigating the chm you will press the same keys no matter if
its one or two or forty.


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I'm working on putting the old JAWS scripting manual into CHM format. This
is kind of on topic, so don't get upset. In the documentation, it lists some functions along with parameters. Some have no parameters and some have one.
Others have more than one. Here is my question. When a function has more
than one parameter, I'm making a bulleted list that contains a list item for each parameter. Would you prefer to see no list for the parameters with one
or less parameters or a list with one list item in it?



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