RE: Generating wav files with Sapi5 tts

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Yea that is the problem, more background:
I have a file which has all the prompts for the rockbox firmware. Now I have
to take each prompt, run it through the tts, so that the tts can send me
back a wav file of the text i fed it, but obviously spoken by the tts. I
then take these wav files, convert them to mp3, and compile them into a
voice file. I know it can be done, as this is what the rockbox utility does,
but as I stated, it deletes the wav files before i can fetch them from the
windows temp folder, and gives me an error if i let it run through the
entire process... I'm trying to research to see how they've done it, i think
one could write out a VBScript to do it, i just gotta figure out what i need
to do and such.


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Quentin: What do you mean by spoken text? I think the general problem is to
find a tool which receives a text as input, and converts it to Wave/MP3,
using a synthesizer. Please note that I am not meaning a sound recording
utility which captures the voice of the synthesizer while it is speaking. I
mean a direct text to wave/MP3, which can encode a , for example 20-minute
Wave/MP3 file, out of a text using a synthesizer in a few seconds. DJ: am I
paraphrasing your problem correctly?!
BTW, I have found some such tools in internet. Unfortunately none of them
are accessible by Jaws. Is here anybody who can direct us to such tools that
are accessible by screen readers?

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I know DSpeech to make wave and MP3 files of spoken text, but I don't know
any tool to do it automatically.
Depending on your needs, you may use DSpeech.

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