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Well, it does reflect an agenda, but then client server programming is more 
efficient when operations on the server are minimized.
But then it has very little to do with accessibility -- or does it?
I personally wish there was less need for the server to know I am blind -- I 
mean, if someone really wanted to discriminate, they could go no farther 
than mess up operation of a screen reader as it interacts with the MSAA/UIA 
info provided by the server applications.
I would like to be anonymous.
So for that, I think the statement is applicable.

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The following statement really got to me:

"and please don't invite users to do something on a server that they could 
conceivably do on their own computers."

I understand that Stallmann is one of the leading activists against cloud 
computing, but why on earth are you allowing such an
agenda to creap into a statement on accessibility?

In my opinion, this one statement completely undermines the rest of the 
things you're trying to do.

Take care,

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For a couple of months, Richard Stallman and I have been working on the GNU 
Accessibility Statement (GAS)  which takes a no nonsense
approach to endorsing the rights of people with disabilities as regard 
software within the context of free software. I've never read
a more strongly worded statement from any organization regarding software 
and people with disabilities.

GAS also takes a strong stance on free software values but does not endorse 
any specific license, although we would like people to
use GPL.

You can read the statement at:
and send comments to me that we can consider for future revisions of the 


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