Re: Fwd: Direct 6-Key Braille Input Software for QWERTY Keyboards

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  • Date: Tue, 2 Nov 2010 13:35:14 +0800 (CST)

Please try the beta version:

On Mon, 1 Nov 2010, Kerneels Roos wrote:

> Hi list. I've posted this message to another list, but was thinking that
> perhaps one of you guys have a solution as well. See below. By the way, the
> word "Sjoe" is an Afrikaans exclamation commonly used in my country meaning
> perhaps "goodness me" or "what an effort!" -- it's not cussing or anything!
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> Subject:      Direct 6-Key Braille Input Software for QWERTY Keyboards
> Date:         Mon, 01 Nov 2010 12:19:33 +0200
> From:         Kerneels Roos <kerneels@xxxxxxxxx>
> To:   National Accessibility Portal mailing list with topics focused on
> accessibility for users with visual disabilities. <blind@xxxxxxxxxxxx>
> Good morning everyone,
> Sjoe, I've looked all over the web now but I can't find something to do
> this job that works and that is not for DOS. Does anyone perhaps know of
> a free and/or open source program that would enable a person to directly
> input Braille on a computer running Windows XP, with a standard qwerty
> keyboard? The program should either produce ASCII Braille (.brf) or the
> newer unicode Braille (.brl) files.
> The idea is basically to do exactly what a Perkins brailler does but on
> a computer with a normal keyboard. I've surfed the increasingly
> fragmented web for quite some time but was unable to find something that
> works. It also appears that not all qwerty keyboards can handle 6 key
> simmultaneous key presses, but there are some that can do it. A solution
> of course would be to allow for individual dot presses and then a sort
> of enter key to cause the actual character to be printed.
> Would anyone else on the list be interested in such a program? If so,
> what features would you like to see in such a editor?
> Regards,
> Kerneels
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> there, then take your pen and down with it; afterward ask the opinion of a man
> who knows his business."
> (To a musically talented boy who asked Mozart how one might learn to compose.)
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