Re: Fruitbasket Criteria Down, More Langs and Libs

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  • Date: Sat, 13 Oct 2007 09:49:28 +0300


Ok, I've sent you to your personal address a rar file with 4 files; 2 are 2 versions of the FruitBasket CGI version made in perl, one is a version that manually prints the HTML code that need to be created, and one prints the same thing, but uses the CGI module functions.

The other 2 files, in the "commented" dir, are the same files, but commented. Please add them all 4 in the same archive.

Well, now I think I will also add a fifth file that describes them a a little.

The perl code would have been very simple, but the hardest part was to store the list of all the fruits in a hidden field, then to restore them after the form is submitted, because I didn't want to store them on the server. It would have been much more simple if I'd put the program store them on the server as most of the server side programs need to do anyway, but the problem is that the target directory must have had the necessary permissions, or if I would have wanted to store them in a database I would have needed to specify the database connection, and the program wouldn't be able to run out of the box.


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hi, hmmm, it worked before, well blast!

alright while I go figure out how it got messed up, here is a direct link to the file, and a list of what is there combined with a add on of what I have and not posted yet and sort of have:

* get the fruit basket criteria at:

* and here is the list:

*Fruit Basket Demo's available in:

* soon to be added:

* hope to add soon (promised and still in others hands/or needs modifacations):
fbd in delphi.eml
perl-cgi.txt (code not commented or clear on it's functions)

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. to be able to view a simple programming project in several programming languages, visit the Fruit basket demo site at:

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Subject: Fruitbasket Criteria Down, More Langs and Libs

I only recently stumbled upon the Fruit Basket series of programming
dfemos for various languages and UI libs at:

It appears to me the link to the Fruit Basket demo criteria might be
down, I get a 404 at:

What's the correct link if the criteria is still up? I notice there's no
Perl version that is using Win32::GUI, for example. Neither any version
in Pascal, Lua or highly app specific langs such as Cakewalk Application
Language or esoteric langs for that matter. Just some thoughts about
missing languages.

I might be able to contribute some code to this list when I have the
time and motivation, but would like to take a look at the criteria
first. Do all of the scripts have a GUi, howabout the ASm versions, for

With kind regards Veli-Pekka Tätilä (vtatila@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx)
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