Re: Fruitbasket Criteria Down, More Langs and Libs

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  • Date: Fri, 12 Oct 2007 17:32:05 -0700

hi, hmmm, it worked before, well blast!

alright while I go figure out how it got messed up, here is a direct link to the file, and a list of what is there combined with a add on of what I have and not posted yet and sort of have:

* get the fruit basket criteria at:

* and here is the list:

*Fruit Basket Demo's available in:

* soon to be added:

* hope to add soon (promised and still in others hands/or needs modifacations):
fbd in delphi.eml
perl-cgi.txt (code not commented or clear on it's functions)

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. to be able to view a simple programming project in several programming languages, visit the Fruit basket demo site at:

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Subject: Fruitbasket Criteria Down, More Langs and Libs

I only recently stumbled upon the Fruit Basket series of programming
dfemos for various languages and UI libs at:

It appears to me the link to the Fruit Basket demo criteria might be
down, I get a 404 at:

What's the correct link if the criteria is still up? I notice there's no
Perl version that is using Win32::GUI, for example. Neither any version
in Pascal, Lua or highly app specific langs such as Cakewalk Application
Language or esoteric langs for that matter. Just some thoughts about
missing languages.

I might be able to contribute some code to this list when I have the
time and motivation, but would like to take a look at the criteria
first. Do all of the scripts have a GUi, howabout the ASm versions, for

With kind regards Veli-Pekka Tätilä (vtatila@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx)
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