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Hi Ken. I just built my finish code using the build option and it works just fine, provided i make no errors of course. Cheers! Cheers! ----- Original Message ----- From: "Ken Perry" <whistler@xxxxxxxxxxxxx>

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Really what command line do you use to compile it then?


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Hi Jamal.  As far as I understand it, MFC itself is a microsoft created
library-cum-wrapper for Win32 programming. As far As I am Concerned, I just create MFC applications without the use of the readily available App Wizards
with Visual Studio.  I just start from scratch from and empty project and
hand code the app myself which i find to be more productive.  Cheers!
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I'm looking forward to studying your code, Ken.  I have no experience
with the dialog editor myself, and wonder whether it would be possible
to develop with MFC without it, by using a version of
CreateDialogIndirect (or equivalent for regular application windows),
whereby control attributes are specified via memory structures at
runtime.  Are there wrappers to help develop in this way?

On Sun, 18 Nov 2007, Ken Perry wrote:

Date: Sun, 18 Nov 2007 22:36:42 -0800
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Oh yeah same for Jaws and I am betting most screen readers.  Like I
said I was able to drop the controls but I had to go in and edit
their locations because the dialog can not be tabbed through like the
Form editor with Jaws.
I mean when you read tutorials on MFC they say just select the button
and hit enter and it will give you a list of properties or stuff like
Well In my case the add button and delete button and edit box were
all visible but the list box was not on the screen.  I maximized the
dialog with Alt-space but that didn't seem to help.  I finally just
went to the resource file and edited it with the source code editor
which means you have to sit down and figure out where each control
should go.  I am not complaining because you can do it and it gives
you full control over the dialog .  It could be worse as we all know
because visual c++ 6 and jaws you couldn't even select the controls
and drop them on the dialog.  At least now you can drop them and
arrange them later.



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Hi Ken.  Would agree with you there.  The resource editor is not
really accessible, although with window eyes, one could use the num
pad to read some info on the screen.  I wish it were more accessible
though.  Cheers!

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Subject: FruitBasket-MFC

You ask for it you got it.  Here it is the one the only FruitBasket
in MFC.
The hardest part of writing this was using the resource editor.  It
was like being back in Visual studio 6.  Why they didn't just make
the current dialog editor work for the old resources I don't know.  I
doubt they will fix this in 2008 but we can all pray.  Jamal have you
tried the MFC resource editor and do you think it could be made to be
accessible like the forms editor?

Anyway even with the problems I was able to make the FruitBasket
program in little to no time so here it is.  Note most of the guts of
the program is in FruitBasketDlg.cpp and FruitBasketDlg.h  I am going
to try to make a minimalist version of this but the trouble I had
with a single source version of this was the command line options.
Microsoft has not made it easy to just compile an MFC application.
Further more a single cpp file would need all the controls done
dynamically rather than in a resource file.
While that would get around the problems I had with the resource
editor, I find fighting with the resource files easier than writing
all the code to create the controls dynamically.  This doesn't mean I
won't make a minimalist version of the MFC FruitBasket it just means
it is not done yet.
I will most likely make it when I re make the win32 version I lost.

OK here is the link to the two archives of the MFC version.  I made
two because some people on this list like .rar and some like .zip.
Inthane use which ever you want to on the page it is the same file.
The executable is under the release directory.



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