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  • Date: Mon, 19 Nov 2007 12:44:12 -0800

It is very possible that you don't have the mfc dll's installed do you have
Microsoft visual studio or Microsoft visual  c++ installed.  If not I will
make another release version that is static linked.


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Hi Ken,
Thanks for creating this program. I have tried to run the xecutable, but
here is the error it gave:
This application has failed to start because the application configuration
is incorrect. Reinstalling the application may 
fix this problem.
What could be wrong?

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You ask for it you got it.  Here it is the one the only FruitBasket in MFC.
The hardest part of writing this was using the resource editor.  It was like
being back in Visual studio 6.  Why they didn't just make the current dialog
editor work for the old resources I don't know.  I doubt they will fix this
in 2008 but we can all pray.  Jamal have you tried the MFC resource editor
and do you think it could be made to be accessible like the forms editor?  

Anyway even with the problems I was able to make the FruitBasket program in
little to no time so here it is.  Note most of the guts of the program is in
FruitBasketDlg.cpp and FruitBasketDlg.h  I am going to try to make a
minimalist version of this but the trouble I had with a single source
version of this was the command line options.  Microsoft has not made it
easy to just compile an MFC application.  Further more a single cpp file
would need all the controls done dynamically rather than in a resource file.
While that would get around the problems I had with the resource editor, I
find fighting with the resource files easier than writing all the code to
create the controls dynamically.  This doesn't mean I won't make a
minimalist version of the MFC FruitBasket it just means it is not done yet.
I will most likely make it when I re make the win32 version I lost.

OK here is the link to the two archives of the MFC version.  I made two
because some people on this list like .rar and some like .zip.  Inthane use
which ever you want to on the page it is the same file.  The executable is
under the release directory.



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