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there is also another one, a separate program called windif that was recommended out here a while back, I tried it once and had troubles figuring it out, but I was in a hurry and didn't go through the documentation in detail, actually I just whisked through it on hi speed read all and tried to do what I wanted to do, and didn't get results I could use, so went on to the old fashioned hand comparison method.

others have said it worked well for them, and it does seem to have a lot of features to it, just be aware, you really need to RTFM (Read The Flipping Manual) if your going to take advantage of all it can do.

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You could always try out the thing built-in to Windows...?

Go to the command prompt and type in 'comp /?' and remember that if you want you can always use something along the lines of an extra '> output_filename.txt' after any command line thing to save the output into a text file for later reference.


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Ok, I use Ultra Edit 32, and I am pissed that the file comparison utility is pretty well hard to use by the visually impaired. You can not click inside the comparison window and walk up and down the file with the keyboard navigation. Looks like you have to find the scroll buttons and mouse click on them.

I keep coming up on this subject of comparing files, but keep skirting the issue by getting around the task by one way or another.

I have to bite the bullet and use one tool for the task.

I would like it to be free, easy to use by the blind, and a basic flat file comparison (text comparison).

What do you use for windows?


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