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This might not help anyone complete their college assignments, but it might
at least be fun.

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Hi All,

Some of you may be interested in tools for programming graphics
content. One way of working is to use so-called "turtle graphics"
programming in the Logo language. There is a nice free interpreter
for this language named MSWLogo. It allows you to program line
drawings, define shapes, and even create 3D graphics. Moreover,
it also can generate animated GIF images of the drawing stages.
Such GIF animations can be imported into The vOICe via Control O.
With valuable input from Pat, there is now a new draft web page
describing this approach to accessible graphics creation, at the


It contains an example of drawing a filled square in 2D and a
cube in 3D. Of course it takes some effort to master the Logo
programming language. For an introduction to Logo you can also
read the Wikipedia web page at the URL


Best wishes,

Peter Meijer

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