FW: MySQL Workbench OSS / SE Beta available for download - Beta testers wanted!

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I wonder if this is accessible at all?

See below

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Subject: MySQL Workbench OSS / SE Beta available for download - Beta testers

Dear MySQL users,

after several months of hard development work I am proud to announce the
first public beta release of the MySQL Workbench project.

MySQL Workbench is a next-generation visual database design application that
can be used to efficiently design, manage and document database schemata.

While this Beta first public beta is not perfect yet it marks a milestone
for the MySQL Developer Tools team and the tool will be the team's flagship
product for the next years to come.

MySQL Workbench Editions

This release also introduces a new concept of how MySQL AB offers a product
to its users. MySQL Workbench will be available in different editions.

The *Community (OSS) Edition* is available under the GPL. It is a fully
featured product that is not a crippled in any way. Being the foundation for
all other editions it will benefit from all future development efforts.

The commercial *Standard Edition* extends the Community Edition with a
series of modules and plugins allowing for an optimized workflow. It helps
developers to save time and to avoid errors. This edition is the natural
choice when used in professional environments.

While we understand developers who would like to see everything being
available under the GPL we do think that this new approach benefits both,
our FOSS users as well as our commercial users. I would like invite you to
read more about this topic on the MySQL Workbench Developer Central web site
- and also share your opinion on the forum.

MySQL Workbench Developer Central - http://dev.mysql.com/workbench

MySQL Workbench is built on a highly customizable framework (GRT
Environment) that allows every user to easily expand the tool to their

Therefore we hope that a lot of users will share their plugins, scripts,
model snippets, etc. with other Workbench users.

To give the MySQL Workbench users a platform to do this we have created the
following website.


This site features a lot of information about the tool itself as well as
what is needed to learn coding for the Workbench.

We are still filling the pages with content and are going to integrate it
with the upcoming update of forge.mysql.com. So please excuse if everything
is not already in place right now.

Platform Support - Windows / Linux / OS X

MySQL Workbench will be available natively on Windows, Linux and OS X.
The first releases will be available on Windows only - followed by Linux and
OS X releases in 2008.

There are several reasons why we did pick Windows for the first releases.
Please read more about that on the developer central site. But it is our
intention to support all three platforms equally once the core has been
developed and stabilized.

Standard Edition Beta Testing

If you want to participate in our Standard Edition Beta testing program
you are very welcome to do so. Please email your contact info to
workbench@xxxxxxxxx and you will get access to the testing program.

MySQL Workbench Downloads

Please download the Community Edition Beta from


Michael Zinner, Team Lead, Developer Tools
MySQL AB, www.mysql.com

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