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Nah, Inthane, ,you're cool, no worries man. Pretty sure Chris isn't upset with 
you at all, *smile*.

It's going to take 45 minutes or so to upload at 64kb/s, and I'm almost done.

I've been going through each one, manually editing filenames and such to just 
make things a little nicer.

They are all in accessible html with images, headers, and everything.

Give me a little bit longer, then I'll let you know when you can grab them from 

Take care,
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well, we have some troubles with that!

odd that several of you folks are not getting my posts while I seem to be 
getting many posts twice.

Chris's (CDH) wife was kind enough to upload all the files they have to me, but 
she is using a Mac, and neither of us realized that
what I was getting were Mac formatted files.

I have 42 closed files here for the floss manuals, but... there in a Mac 
proprietary format that I have no clue how to open on a PC
let alone convert, and I haven't been able to get anyone to give me the URL for 
the place to download the files from so I could try
to get a pc friendly version (I lost the post with the URL in it in a computer 
OS crash and burn).

Chris seems a bit aggravated with me since I didn't realize the trouble until I 
went to neaten up and upload the files a week or so
ago, but *shrug* since I am volunteering time and space, I'll march to my own 
drum beat, and not anyone else's.

the files I have are in the McIntosh .webarchive format if anyone can use these 
I'll gladly zip the whole thing up and put them on
the site as well, but PC users are out of luck until/unless someone can find a 
converter; or I can get a PC friendly version from

any help with any of these points is greatly appreciated

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for blind computer users and programmers
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Specialists in customized computers and peripherals
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> Can we get a status update on making an accessible collection of these 
> available?
> Jamal
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