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Hi All. The idea of having a faq about programming is very interesting. What interests me most is a faq that aims to answer and solve the queries and dilema of blind or visually impaired people who aim, and want to explore the potential of programming as a career. In Singapore where i live, I am the only blind programmer actually making a successful career out of this, and i do believe that programming can potentially bring a blind or visually impaired person a great degree of financial independence. I am therefore in the process of organizing a faq which will help and give insight to potential blind and visually impaired programmers into the generalities of programming, its various basic mechanics and so on. If any one has any ideas, please let me know. I will then compile this introductory faq for Jamal to edit and publish. As i have got work commitments, the faq i'm working on won't be out so soon, but I'll use whatever spare time i can muster. I am actually doing this for my local blind association, so i'll incoorporate what i have done and new materials that comes up in the interim. Cheers! ----- Original Message ----- From: "Jamal Mazrui" <empower@xxxxxxxxx>

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I'd be glad to publish it there, and other hosts are also possible.
Below are some common questions that come to mind.  Perhaps others can
pitch in with ones they remember or initial answers for a draft FAQ.


Where can I get JAWS scripts for Visual Studio 2005 or 2008?  Do they
work with the Express Edition?  Do they work with the Visual Basic IDE?
The C# one?  Visual Web Developer?

Where can I get an accessible SHH client for windows?

How do I get the Java Access Bridge?  What versions of Java does it work
with?  Do I need to install it in each JVM on my computer?

What programming language should I learn as a beginner?  What is best
for developing games?  If I want to learn a dynamic language, which one
is best for what purposes?  What strongly typed language should I choose
for what?  Between C# and Visual Basic .NET, what are the pros and cons?
What languages are most in demand and pay the best for programming jobs?

How does the Window-Eyes scripting capability compare to that of JAWS?
What other screen readers are scriptable?  NVDA?  Orca? HAL?  Mobile

Where can I look at sample programs in different languages?  Where is the
fruit basket site?

Where can I get accessible documentation for programming languages?

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Hi Jamal,
Would you want to publish it on If people send me
questions and answers, I will compile.


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