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Once the FAQ is done I can tackle  the english to spanish translation if

Regards, D!J!X!

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Hi Jaffar and All

A couple comments and suggestions:

As far as English edits,

1. To me it would make sense to translate from the final edited English.

2. I would be happy to take a look at the English. My schedule for the next
couple weeks has some kinks, so I would like to look at the text and then
propose a return date for my recommended changes.

3. Once the English edits are done, I would be happy to post to a couple
lists of blind interpreters / translators. I know people on the lists do IT
stuff. Likely over time, some teams of students needing assignments might
sign up just for practice.

Let me know on or offlist if you are interested.

Dorene Cornwell
Seattle WA

(I only work INTO English so I am no help on this one.)

On 9/9/09, The Elf <inthaneelf@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
> oh, I didn't see this one, I'll assist in the review and host the 
> documents, the grab bag got it's origins from this list so it's here to
> send me a copy or give me a download link to the English version, and 
> I may, stress the may be able to work on a rough French translation 
> since I have that module loaded up in word for correspondence to one part
of my family.
> elf
> proprietor, The Grab Bag,
> for blind computer users and programmers 
> Owner: Alacorn Computer Enterprises
> "own the might and majesty of a Alacorn!"
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>> Hi Jamal and all.  I did volunteer to produce and compile a faq for 
>> the list.  I've got most of the faq in english, and I'm almost done 
>> with the indonesian translation.  My friend who is helping me with 
>> the chinese translation is still at it.  Because of my comitments to 
>> work and family, I can't possibily undertake to complete the project 
>> without help from list
>> members.  I did send out a message to the list for some help with 
>> regards to the faq, but I've had no response as yet to any of my 
>> request.  Here's a copy of the message i sent to the list regarding 
>> the faq a few months ago.
>> Hi All.  After weeks of research, punctuated of course by breaks for 
>> vacation and work,  I have finally finished compiling the programming 
>> FAQ for beginners
>> and programmer
>> wanna bes.  I need someone to help me edit the html files i have 
>> written, then i would like to have as many list members put them up 
>> on as many sites as those who would be willing to volunteer to host 
>> them.  If at all possible, I would also like the FAQ to be translated 
>> into as many languages as is possible so that visually disabled 
>> communities from all over the world can benefit from this project.  I 
>> am concurrently translating what i have written into Indonesian, and 
>> a friend of mine is having them translated to Mandrin Chinese.  If 
>> anyone wants to offer help for this project in any way , please send 
>> me a private email so that the list won't be too cluttered.
>> Cheers!
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>>> Just wondering about the status of the FAQ that was under development.
>>> Can it be posted on the web?  Can list messages reference its URL 
>>> automatically at the bottom of a message?
>>> Jamal
>>> __________
>>> View the list's information and change your settings at 
>> __________
>> View the list's information and change your settings at 
> __________
> View the list's information and change your settings at 
View the list's information and change your settings at

View the list's information and change your settings at

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