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A little bit streamlined version:

Select the row to move.


Select one row below where you want the new cut row to appear.

Insert Cut Cells


That's it.



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if this is being done somewhere in the middle and not the last two rows, you
would have to do:


swap row x with row y:

insert a row under row y,

copy row x to row z,

delete row x.


Bryan Schulz

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I would love to be able to press one key and move a row up or down in Excel
2007. One key would swap with the row above. The other would swap with the
row below. I'd like to do the same for columns. One would swap with the
column to the right. The other would swap with the column to the left. I'd
like to have this set of functions work for every workbook. Now for the $64
question. How difficult is this to create, and how do you do it? 







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