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There has been no recent change to the indentation code. Unfortunately, there is a work-around that is needed when setting the IndentUnit to spaces instead of tabs. Space characters themselves do not work because of the way EdSharp stores configuration data in the ini format. You can use the backslash40 octal sequence for a single space (a strange bug with Thunderbird and JAWS is preventing the backslash symbol from being inserted properly in this message, so I used the word backslash instead). Repeat the sequence 4 times for 4 spaces). Alternatively, use the Infer Indent command, as suggested.


On 4/21/2010 6:46 AM, Homme, James wrote:
Hi Tyler,
I don't think it's a bug. I think that you can go into the edsharp.ini file and 
permanently change the indentation. I think that when you use the configuration 
dialog that it only keeps the setting while the program is running. You can 
also use the Infer Indent command to have the program figure out how you want 
to indent the current file. Just indent one of the first lines the way you want 
it to work throughout the file. EdSharp will make that the indentation unit. 
Besides all that, I think that to indent by four spaces, you might want to try 
putting the indentation stuff in quotes inside that dialog, or I think you can 
use hex like \20\20\20\20, but I'm unsure about that one.

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I wonder if someone has found a workaround to this; apparently the indent level 
is stuck at \t, changing it allows for a max of 2 spaces, which means that the 
usual style of four spaces that I see a lot doesn't work, and it reverts to \t 
Has anyone made a fix/workaround? I'm running the latest version apparently, 
but the source does seem to be here, so I might be able to dig through it and 
fix the issue.

Tyler Littlefield
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