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Hi Jamal,
Two more questions. Is this how Python converters are added to EdSharp? And is 
this also how the little utilities that grab things from the web work?  I 
looked at one of them, and they must be getting a bunch of stuff handed to them.


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Hi Jim,
I'm copying the list in case others might join or benefit from the 

The error message is probably not being shown because it is quickly 
printed to the console then disappearing-- you know, that problem.  Try 
running from the command line instead, and see what the error 
message is.

Alternatively try installing a more recent, executable version of InPy from

I suggest unarchving into the directory

Then make sure the GoToEnvironment setting is configured to call that 

Please note, however, that InPy.exe is a custom interpreter primarily 
intended to add Pyton runtime functionality to other distributions.  If 
you already have the standard Python interpreter installed, you will 
probably find it preferable to stick with it.


On 7/27/2011 10:57 AM, Homme, James wrote:
> Hi Jamal,
> If you are able, can you please help me diagnose an issue I'm having
> with this? I don't know how to figure out why it's happening. I have the
> Python compiler setting selected. I thought I'd try to use inPy to see
> how it might help me, so I typed Control + Shift + G, but no Python
> interpreter prompt came up. All I heard was the name of the command, and
> I stayed in the editor window. This is with the latest version of
> EdSharp and XP Pro.
> Thanks.
> Jim
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