Re: EdSharp 2.7 and FileDir 3.3 released

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This little utility certainly do seem to meet the "as seen on TV" maximum productivity label. I heard a main menu review of Jamal's File Dir utility and was amazed at what this thing was able to do--beat the pants off of the ginsu knives. The features seemed endless--in comparison to the romco food processor and the abdominizer. I am not using it because the many features made me feel as though I would probably spend lots of time learning how to use it. that I think of it, maybe I should look into it again as I'm currently having to look through many folders and subfolders searching endlessly for files???


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Sure, it's a bit of advertizing <grin>, but it's also intended as a true
statement.  I said the applications are "designed for maximum
productivity" by screen reader users,.  Whether the applications succeed
in meeting that goal is certainly debatable, but that was my intent.


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"Maximum productivity" is just advertising, right? :-)


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Subject: EdSharp 2.7 and FileDir 3.3 released

> Released on June 27, new versions of EdSharp, a full featured editor, > and
> FileDir, a full featured File Manager, are available in time for the
> summer conventions of the American Council of the Blind and National
> Federation of the Blind.  These software applications are designed for
> maximum productivity by people operating a computer nonvisually with a
> Windows screen reader.
> EdSharp 2.7
> FileDir 3.3
> A summaray of changes is below.
> Jamal
> EdSharp and FileDir increase support for Window-Eyes 7.0, which is now
> available as a public beta at
> The installer option for JAWS scripts is now unchecked by default.  To
> check it, down arrow and press Spacebar. There is a new option to > install
> a Window-Eyes script package, which is also unchecked by default.  The
> optional scripts and set files to fine tune Window-Eyes speech are in > an
> early stage, so I invite feedback and suggestions to improve them.
> When EdSharp is already open, and you open a file with it from another
> program, EdSharp should now reliably become the active application > window.
> FileDir behaves similarly when you open a folder with it from another
> program.
> Added Support for developing Window-Eyes scripts.  VBScript, the most
> common language used for this, is now included on the list of the Pick
> Compiler command (Control+Shift+F5).  The Compile command (Control+F5)
> passes the .vbs file to the Windows Script Host interpreter, > CScript.exe.
> The script can also be hosted internally by Window-Eyes.
> Two optional parameters have been added to the EdSharp command line.
> After the file name is a line number and then a column number.  These
> indicate the position where EdSharp should go after opening the file.
> This may be used to cause EdSharp to automatically go to the source > code
> position of an error if a Window-Eyes script produces one at runtime.
> The ExtensionDefault and GoToEnvironment configuration options of > EdSharp
> are now part of each compiler/interpreter setting, so if you pick a
> compiler with Control+Shift+F5, these options are automatically > adjusted.
> For the new settings to take effect, however, create a new default
> configuration file with Alt+Shift+0.
> Fixed EdSharp not opening some Unicode text files. Fixed a couple bugs > in
> the HTML format command (Control+H).  Fixed a problem with the PyBrace
> command (Alt+Shift+LeftBracket). Fixed not being able to open a log > file
> that was continually being updated on disk.
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