Re: Eclipse: Totally Dumb Questions

  • From: Alex Midence <alex.midence@xxxxxxxxx>
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  • Date: Tue, 24 Aug 2010 13:42:17 -0500

It's not a list, it's a site.  It's got
all sorts of useful tools for the blind programmer.

Alex M

On 8/24/10, Stanzel, Susan - Kansas City, MO <susan.stanzel@xxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
> What is this nonvisual development list. I have never used it. What
> development does it talk about?
> Susie Stanzel
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> Hmm, for me, is very simple to work with eclipse.
> There are some kind of concepts you must understand.
> First of all there exists a perspective.
> A perspective is a preconfigured eclipse workbench for a purpose.
> For example there is j2ee perspective,
> php perspective
> database design perspective.
> In this perspective you will find open more "views" and "Editors".
> Views are open windows inside the main eclipse window, windows for a
> specific purpose.
> For example in java perspective,
> you will find package explorer, console and so on.
> Tu move around views use the ctrl + f7 key strocke.
> Editors are a special kind of view, that permits editing actions with their
> objects.
> I am using eclipse on a daily basis for java development, j2ee development,
> birt development, php development, dotnet development.
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> Subject: Re: Eclipse: Totally Dumb Questions
>> Welcome to the wild whacky world of eclipse the accessible Ide that is
>> a pain in the ahem ... class  ... to learn because the obvious isn't
>> obvious and the intuitive stuff never made it into production.  It
>> sounds like you are in the project explorer.  Tab around and see if
>> you land in a tree view.  If you can do this, arrow to your file and
>> use the context menu to edit it.  Also type shift alt q to get a list
>> of all the hotkeys eclipse has.
>> Try going to alt w and the show view submenu.  See if you can tell it
>> to go to the project explorer if you are not already there.
>> Sorry I can't be of more use.  I was using eclipse's cdt for c++
>> development and eventually gave up on it because, accessible or not, I
>> didn't find the app itself very user-friendly and the manuals I landed
>> on were very sketchy and rather  unhelpful to the beginner.  I hope
>> your experience is different.  You are actually using the IDE for its
>> original intended purpose.  The documentation for java developers is
>> probably much more extensive.  In fact, now I think of it there are
>> some eclipse manuals on eclipse in the java archive of the nonvisual
>> development site.  They are probably for an older version but, you
>> might check them out.  They may help you.
>> Good luck,
>> Alex M
>> On 8/23/10, Homme, James <james.homme@xxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
>>> Hi,
>>> This is my first Hello World type project, so I'm probably doing
>>> something
>>> totally wrong.
>>> I get to the part where I tell the program the name of my file. I typed
>>> in
>>> with a capital W. It sounded like an edit window came up
>>> when I
>>> pressed Enter. When I try to type characters just to see if I can read
>>> and
>>> write text, I can't seem to read anything. What am I doing wrong?
>>> Thanks.
>>> Jim
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