RE: Easy install of Visual Studio 2010 Express Editions, and a call for evaluations

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I find it useful to have both Firefox and IE available.  Each has its strengths 
with Window-Eyes, depending on the site.  I haven't started using Firefox 4 
beta yet; staying with the 3.6 versions.

I haven't always heard the IE8 sound which indicates that the Information Bar 
has popped up.  When you hear that sound in IE, try Alt-N, look around and see 
if there is something you are supposed to right-click on.  They are trying to 
prevent you from running rogue JavaScript, even if it comes from another part 
of Microsoft!

Firefox isn't too hard to install.  You have to remember that in FF, ctrl-L 
opens a URL and ctrl-O opens a local file.  Other than that, most other 
keystrokes are equivalent.

Lloyd Rasmussen, Senior Project Engineer
National Library Service for the Blind and Physically Handicapped
Library of Congress   202-707-0535
The preceding opinions are my own and do not necessarily reflect those of the 
Library of Congress, NLS.

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for evaluations

Hi Jared: I have never used any software, pretty much, outside the MS Family. 
So, I have used only IE versions. In the past I have had no problem with those 
active x popups but that ping does sound like the same sound I would get if one 
of those little boxes would pop up during a notification of some sort that was 
the result of an active-x script. Good thinking, I had forgotton about active-x 
stuff since I haven't seen any in quite awhile. I will check it out to see if I 
can either find anything Googling or if I can find some setting that might be 
blocking it or something. Perhaps I will have to load up another browser and 
learn to use it if that doesn't work. It could be that since I run Windows xp 
and can't run the newer software that I don't have access to the newer html and 
css features of that site if it's not set up to handle legacy code and IE8 
can't handle the new code. Anyway, I'll do some poking around my system and 
Google to see if I find anything interesting. That said, if I want to run 
another browser like FireFox, is it just a matter of downloading and installing 
something or is there allot of configuring, e-mail stuff and ports etc... to 
get it up and running?
Rick USA
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for evaluations

>I see that page in the browser after the download begins. So I think 
>what's happening is since you're using IE Microsoft is trying to push 
>their download manager on you through an active-X script. It isn't 
>readily compatible with Firefox, so they just push you to a typical 
>download through HTTP. Have you tried it with any version of Firefox?
> On 2/21/2011 5:04 PM, RicksPlace wrote:
>> Hi Jarrad: OK, followed those steps. After tabbing out of the 
>> Language box I set to English, I heard a ping and a couple of 
>> clicksFrom: "RicksPlace like a page refreshing. The following page 
>> came up but I see no place to download Visual Basic 2010 on it unless I am 
>> missing something.
>> /disclaimer.aspx
>> Watch out, the above url wrapped in this post.
>> Now, i have IE8 so there might be a diference. I run Windoweyes 7.2 
>> so that should be fine. Also, did you install, I guess you did, the 
>> 4.0 Framework before the first time you tried the download? That 
>> shouldn/'t make a diference but it might. I don't have it yet so 
>> might have to install that first although it should just come up as a 
>> prerequisit during the install if the process is consistent with past 
>> processes - at least I think that should be the case. Thanks for the 
>> step by step though. It sounds like either IE8 is not working, I 
>> don't have something set properly in my system configuration or I 
>> need to install the 4.0 framework to get the download dialog to come up.
>> Thanks again for the step by step. It has narrowed the problem down 
>> to the above senarios I believe.
>> Rick USA

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