Re: Easiest Linux Devel VM, Vim and GDB GUI for Orca? (Was: Microsoft Virtual PC)

  • From: "Octavian Rasnita" <orasnita@xxxxxxxxx>
  • To: <programmingblind@xxxxxxxxxxxxx>
  • Date: Mon, 5 Nov 2007 19:31:01 +0200

Hi Velu,

Thanks for those details and that link.

Ok, yes, I want to use Linux as a virtual machine, so it seems that I'll
better stay with VMWare.
I will install VMWare again, because I had some issues with my computer, and
I will try to install that virtual appliance from the VMWare site.

I've tried to download that virtual appliance, but I wasn't able. After I clicked on the "Download this appliance" link, an empty web page appeared. I have also tried the link "Register", but same thing happend.

Do you have any idea what could be the problem?

I've seen that the source of the empty web page contains many Javascript codes, but they should work fine.



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Subject: Re: Easiest Linux Devel VM, Vim and GDB GUI for Orca? (Was:
Microsoft Virtual PC)

Hi Octavian,
Both VmWare and VIrtual Pc are equially inaccessible. If you want access
to the guest OS, you'll have to install a screen reader there. As far as
mounting Cds and such goes, Virtual PC is much more accessible and uses
standard menus. Though be aware of the host key.

For Linux development VmWare is much much easier. The latest version of
Ubuntu doesn't even run on Virtual PC 2007, I've tried. The absolutely
eaiest way to try out a proper LInux system on Windows is this. Get the
user-friendly VmWare Player:

And then grab a preinstalled Ubuntu 7.10 desktop virtual appliance:

There's no need to partition a virtual hard drive, create a virtual
machine, set up VmWare additions for sound and display etc.. ALl that
has been for you automatically.

Just log into Gnome, hit alt+f2 for the run box and type in orca. Then
configure its speech settings, quit orca, and restart it. You can now
configure Gnome to your liking.  There are other issues to be solved,
but this gets the basics up and running with minimal effort.

Now the only thing I need are programming tools. IS there a GTK+ based
Vim supported by Orca? HOwabout accessible frontends to the Gnu
Debugger, since I have never fully grasped command-line debuggers of any
kind. Is Eclipse fully accessible?

With kind regards Veli-Pekka Tätilä (vtatila@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx)
Accessibility, game music, synthesizers and programming:

Octavian Rasnita wrote:
Does anyone if Microsoft Virtual PC is accessible to Jaws?

I mean, I know that the main program is accessible, but I don't know if
after creating the Virtual machines they are accessible for the blind.

This program is something like VMWare.

The program is absolutely free and it can be downloaded from Microsoft's

You can find it by searching for its name with Google.

It could even be a better option for us than VMware, and I heard that
systems like Linux can be installed on it.
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