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  • From: "Dale Leavens" <dleavens@xxxxxxx>
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  • Date: Thu, 11 Oct 2007 22:09:01 -0400

Personally I don't much care about sounds but I do like the idea of an HTML 
generator custom designed for audible use with a screen reader. Something as 
intuitive to blind users with screen readers as DreamWeaver is for sighted 
mousers. Adapting some programmes with the huge special key use learning curve 
and mode changing is a double learning event, one for the software the other 
for the access.

I would think that a very good thoughtful interface programme would be both 
useful and marketable albeit a subset of the screen reader market.

My daughter is a special education teacher of the visually impaired in Calgary. 
She is working with one teacher and student taking high school computer courses 
and this is exactly a problem they face so there are probably also educational 
institutions across the world which would be interested in such a generator as 

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