RE: Could we organize to mentor new blind coders?

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Well I think we lost a lot when the original blind programming web site went
down that is where most people found us.    One way we could advertise is
make a few pamphlets and  have our own version of germ warfare.  In that
when conventions come around like CSUN, NFB, ACB etc our users here could
download pamphlets print them out and pass them out as they go to events.

We do need a web page and maybe now that non visual development is up and
running as a good resource we should change from programmingblind to use
that as the email list totally.  We have moved this list before for one
reason or another but it would have to be an all or nothing or you would get
hangers on in one place or another.


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This list is fantastic for helping coders with vision impairments.
This is where Ken introduced me to Sina, who more than anyone else
helped me down the path of dealing with central vision loss as a

However, we don't do any outreach, so far as I know.  What I'm
thinking of might be something like having a list of potential
mentors, and somehow trying to track down vision impaired people who
are good candidates for becoming coders, and seeing if we can match
them up.  Sort of like a Big Brothers organization of blind techies
with a mission of finding all those people who are good candidates,
and matching them with mentors.

Sina already has, and there are probably other organizations
that we could work with.  Is there anything to this idea?  It's just
my typical dumb idea of the day, which for some reason always sound
good to me the day I come up with it.

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