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There is a current discussion and sample tutorials available on the Blind Geeks 
E-List concerning the Location and Placement of Winforms Controls on Forms if 
you are still interested.
Rick USA
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  Hello Darko,

  Sorry I forgot to mention the second method of placing your controls on the 
form and sizing them. This, in my view, is a little more ponderous.

  If you press the F4 key, it will take you to the property page of the 
control. I assume you already know this?

  Then use the cursor up or down arrow to find, Height, Left or Width in the 
list of properties. Then, I'm afraid, it is a matter of memory and calculation 
to get the controls placed and sized on the form.

  I also assume you realise that you will need to TAB into the EditBox to 
change the value of that particular property value AND SHIFT+TAB to return to 
the property list, so that you can move to one property to another? If you TAB 
twice from the property list, you will be able to move up and down to each 
control on the form, then TAB twice to get to the control's property list.


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        DEAR List!
    I am Visual Basic programmer, and I am working with VB 6.0.
    I am interesting, how to arrange a controls on a form, and what's the best 
arrangements, such as: Width, Height, Top, and Bottom for a controls on a form.
    For example if I want to present a dialog box, how to know what's 
properties are the best, because I want all controls to be visible, without 
overlapping, and text to be inside a control, not outside.
    Also, I am interesting needs textbox to be right from label, or below.
    As a totally blind person, I have not picture about control arrangement on 
a form, as persons without disabilities.
    Best regards


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