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Oh yes, that's one of the reasons I prefer a CMV framework (Catalyst).
All the templates that create the design of the site live in a separate
directory, and if a sighted web designer wants to improve the look of the
site, or even create more styles of the site, can take the templates and add
images, modify the CSS settings, even include Javascript or Flash
annimations, and the program would be working fine with the new set of

A blind web developer would be able to create the server side program,
create the base templates, that might not look extraordinary well, create
the databases, configure the web server, and with a little help from a
sighted person that site could look and work very well, with the biggest
part of the work beeing made by the blind person.

Of course, not only programmers can do that, because there are many web
sites that don't require any server side programming, but the blind web
developer in that case could install the web server, configure it, create
the raw html/css/javascript files, or even other administrative tasks like
content updates, and so on.

A few months ago I've asked on the list if someone knows if we could find somewhere some sets of templates for a website, for example like those used in some wiki applications. As I said, most of the sites have a few styles, with a menu at the top, at the left, with some images in some certain places, with a login form somewhere, with a few color combinations, with a few standard image buttons like "download", "products", "about us", "Contact us"... and it would be very helpful if we could have those templates and use them for the sites we make, because the result would be looking nice, and the design would seem to be made by a blind.


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Well stated and my exact thaughts.  One of the big trends I've been reading
about are "web frameworks"; like ruby on rails, cakephp and turbo gears
(just a few).  What is important about all of these frameworks is their
emphesis on separation of business logic and visual presentation.  I know
lots of sighted web programmers who's employers want them to keep their
fingers out of the visual aspects and focus on the business logic/process.
Their employers recognize that graphic designers/artists are much better at
the "eye candy" and completely out of their depth with programming

Developers need to know enough to get the site functioning to a point that
designers can work with the html and css to make it beautiful.

My two cents.


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