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  • From: "Octavian Rasnita" <orasnita@xxxxxxxxx>
  • To: <programmingblind@xxxxxxxxxxxxx>
  • Date: Wed, 14 Nov 2007 17:39:08 +0200

I've seen that I can use the virtual PC cursor, however if I want to click
on the tab title, I cannot do it with it.
And I need this because I cannot select that tab in other way.

Here is what I've tried:

Opened Commodo, chosen File menu/New/File then chosen perl and pressed
Then I've modified something in the file, and pressed control+S to save it.
The "Save as..." dialog appeared, and I wanted to cancel it by pressing

In that moment the focus was lost. It didn't went to the textarea where it
was before pressing control+S.
So I was trying to put it back there. I've tried pressing Control+Home but
Jaws (8) just spoken some words, possibly the titles of some tabs, or
toolbar elements... I don't know, but the focus was not moved to any program

So I've tried pressing Control+Tab for more times, but nothing happend.
After switching to another application then back to Commodo, and a few other
control+Tab and tab keys, I've seen that I could move from a tab title to
another, but those tab titles were for something else, not for selecting the
currently open document.

I couldn't get to those tabs, and even if I could do it, I think that
Commodo has big bugs, because otherwise it wouldn't lose the focus that way.
(If some list members say that it is great and that only Jaws 6 has problems
accessing it).

That's why I try to move the focus to the wanted tab title by clicking on it
with the Jaws cursor.
But finally I was able to move the focus to the currently opened file tab
title using F6 for more times. It was ok, however I couldn't move the focus
from that tab title to the textarea using Control+Tab, or just tab...

I've seen that if I have chosen to close it without saving the file, it asked what I wanted to do, but it didn't even offered a hotkey for choosing "Don't save any file" I think that most editors allow us to just press "N" in order to choose a "No", and we don't need to tab for more times in order to be able to press that button.

So it is not a great editor, not even with Jaws 8. Maybe 9?? Or 19? :-)

I like some of the ActiveState's programs if they are good, like ActivePerl and Perl Developer Kit, but not their inaccessible GUI ppm or Commodo.


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Hi Teddy,

If you have not already been told by 10 other list members. . .

Try using the invisible cursor. It can read objects on the screen without
triggering them the way the JAWS cursor does.

"Everything is easy when you know how."

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Subject: Commodo


I've installed again Jaws 8 because I heard from many of the list members
that it works very well with Commodo.
However, I found that it works not as bad as Jaws 6, but horrible enough.

I told you about that issue that I cannot read the title of the currently
opened perl file with the Jaws cursor on the tab title, because Commodo
seems to pop-up a menu when I move the Jaws cursor.

Well, it seems that this problem is the same with Jaws 8 as with Jaws 6.
What were you doing to be able to do that?



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