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Is anyone that has a little sight able to test if Commodo use to pop up menus when hovering the mouse cursor over some parts of the program? In that case it would be a Commodo bug, not a Jaws one. Commodo should react only to mouse clicks and not to mouse movements to pop up menus.


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I am also seeing this with JAWS 9 beta when I press the End key to go to
the end of a long line of text. I'm not sure if it's a JAWS bug or not. I
suspect so though.



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I've installed again Jaws 8 because I heard from many of the list members
that it works very well with Commodo.
However, I found that it works not as bad as Jaws 6, but horrible enough.

I told you about that issue that I cannot read the title of the currently
opened perl file with the Jaws cursor on the tab title, because Commodo
seems to pop-up a menu when I move the Jaws cursor.

Well, it seems that this problem is the same with Jaws 8 as with Jaws 6.
What were you doing to be able to do that?



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