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Some applications will allow the windows hotkey f4 to open a drop down box which has the focus. Others will allow you to 'scroll' through the contents using the up and down arrow keys without actually allowing you to see the whole list simultaneously. I've even seen first letter navigation work occasionally.



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Some of you may remember that one of my assignments is developing Cognos reports for the data warehouse. I have been able to work out most of the accessibility problems but one I am stuck on is in properties I can get to the options. For example Source type but to get to the drop down box for source type you have to click on a drop down arrow. JAWS does not recognize this arrow. If I can get sighted help to click the arrow I can read what is in the drop down box. Is there any solution to this? It is very important because you have to use several of these. In useing some of the tabs I was able to learn about how far you had to move the mouse and could hit it about one out of four times but this arrow is to small to do that.

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