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Hi: Well, the absolute best route would be to just come up with an idea of something you want to build and then build it. You then do the research along the way to accomplish each task. That way you will find out what you need to know to do things without having to work on womeone elses project. For example, I wanted a system to pick stocks from all the stocks available on the New York Stockaand other U.S. Exchanges. So, I just read up on how to do each thing and learned allot that way. Ya, I needed a project, then I needed forms, buttons, boxes, a database of some sort, methods to wire everything up, methods to automatically download and parse stuff from the internet and a bunch more things. I did it one little module at a time and would recommend that method of learning after you have been through a few books and have a general understanding of the VS IDE and the programming language you intend on using.

Rick USA
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Hi all!

I'm looking for C# exercises for beginners.
I've just started coding in C# and I find it very exciting!

But I feel I need some exercises to test my skills and improve my code.
I learn by reading books/tutorials, but I feel hands-on exercises will help a lot on the path to become a programmer.
I read somewhere that books alone won't make you a programmer.

I prefer console exercises since I'm a complete beginner to the art of programming.
And therefore find console programming easier to master at this time.

So if anyone know of some good C# exercises please let me know.

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