Re: C++ Compilers

  • From: "QuentinC" <webmaster@xxxxxxxxxxxx>
  • To: <programmingblind@xxxxxxxxxxxxx>
  • Date: Mon, 25 Oct 2010 18:01:04 +0200

> The people that use it daily would disagree... it is harder to use sometimes, 
> but it works a lot better and you get more than you would with edsharp in 
> terms of code completion, etc. Also... it's so much easier to tap f6 than it 
> is to alt+tab to a command window and type make when you have a project with 
> a lot of files. Or run a batch file to compile, or whatever it is you do with 
> projects of lots of files.

You are telling me that you can just install a VS command line compiler and use 
another external editor instead of the official ?
Is it also true for C# ?

I had tried VS once, 2005 express. There wasn't any accessible dialog box. 
I had to use it to be able to make C inline assemblee in intel syntax (for a 
class course). It was quite ahrd because of the editor not because of the 

Later I tried VSC# 2008. Accessibility hadn't improved allthough jaws had a 
builtin script for it.
The most annoying was the following: you begin to write, for example " X = ". 
You haven't finished to write that, that a popup told you "the variable X is 
undefined". Yes I know, idiot, I've just begin to write. And after that you 
naturally couldn't go back to the editor text area easily. Completely stupid 

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