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My point exactly. Let the coders not forget there are also the people on this list that promote their software, give concept design help, website owners that help distribute their work, people that may have a marketing strategy for them, all of the kinds of things that I have seen being discussed on this list over the past few days. And, strangely enough, with alot fewer complaints than usual for this list, so, I vote for we not start now.

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Sure your going to get a few off topic posts. unless your run your post for just one topic a lot is going to be off topic for some. The main idea of this list is to give help to the new and advanced programmer that is disabled. There are other lists that a lot of code questions can be asked on, but not many on them know anything on how to do it accessible or even by screen reader. That is where this list comes in, so if you can't handle a few off topic thoughts here and there. This list ain't for you, but if your disabled and want to do programming, then the list is for you. Ever here of the saying "spreading yourself to thin?. One email list does the job of many and less problems then being on five all having the same idea, but different language. The one thing I have noticed is when ever someone gets a bur up... They always jump out there and start another email list. Well i joined five of them and thought there might be different talk. however, none of them have seen a email from day one! Why? Because this list has answered each and ever question that should of be a topic on those other lists.
Lets keep it simple a few list and no re en venting of the wheel!

At 03:51 PM 11/3/2007, you wrote:
Well if the coders would like I do have the means to start many other mailing lists. Several I do have in mind are blind html, blind program design, blind open source development, blind software marketing, blind software concept design, blind software distribution, blind alternative software, blind complainers about blind software, and blind coding of course broken into each language specifically. I have also been a member of this list for over 5 years now, and I can't even count the number of emails I delete each day because they involve a code fragment that I know nothing about or care nothing about, but that is the nature of programming in general, there are just going to be those long lists of emails that we can't do anything with. I don't complain though because I know there is alot more involved in programming than just the coding side of it. In any case, some opinions on more specialized email list programming related being created by me will be considered. JohnPG search for all of your Jaws scripts at <> Also be sure to check out Blind Crawler's Legend of the Green Dragon server at <>
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I do sort of... I don't know what most of the stuff is being talked about either since I just delete 99% of it since most of it is something to do with other things than programming or programming code. I guess the other thing that I get worried about sometimes is if people are talking about more than just programming, then the people that really need the help could get it and the people who could help out those people could give it more (rather than just deleting everything). Not to say that everybody has to know everything about everything because that isn't even possible...... just my $.02 worth...

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Hi Ken,
I noticed, and I struggle with what to yell at people about. I guess I figure people must be using editors for programming and it must be on topic. I'm sorry that bothers you. Does anyone else have strong feelings about this?

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Subject: Has anyone noticed?

Even with all the complaining about off topic we do more talking about editors, peoples software releases, Cell phones, and things not programming related than we do programming related. It has gotten so bad that I am thinking of creating a rule that runs a spam filter that detects mails that have nothing to do with programming all though I am not sure I can catch all the garbage I just was amazed when I looked over the last weeks email from this list and saw how much really had to do with programming and how much had to do with other crap that had nothing to do with coding.

I will probably get flamed but please folks think about it before you post if it has nothing to do with coding please don't post. I try to answer emails that ask coding questions and I spend more time hitting the delete button than answering. I think I missed a Java mail this last week because I deleted everything just to get rid of it. I tried to find it in my delete mail and gave up after going through to much crap that had nothing to do with coding.

Oh well I have some flooring to put in today so I am not even going to be around for people to flame me. Of course if you do flame me I don't really care I will most likely add your email to the rest of the crap I have deleted this week.


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