Braille translation in jaws9 beta

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Hi all,

It seems that Freedom Scientific have changed their braille translation.
(Yes - this is on topic - just wait.) Now, it seems that there is a file, at
"\Program Files\Freedom Scientific\Shared\Braille\10.12\Grade2.ini", where a
code of some sort is being used to render the braille translation. The code
looks, from a usability standpoint, rather clunky at best, and from the
first it looks like there are going to be problems. For instance, several
words are constantly mistranslated. I suggested them (though I knew they
won't like it) to look at the NFBTrans programme, which has a very
streamlined approach which is extremely easy to modify and well-documented,
and which produces wonderful results. Have a look at this file, and let me
know what you all think.


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I would urge all of you to report like crazy.

I've already filed at least six bugs, if not more, and I am hoping that my
experience with the .net bugs repeats itself and they fix these things.

Obviously, don't make them frivolous, and try not to make them useless bug
reports such as those that are the fault of a particular software
application, instead of FS doing something wrong in jaws, but I hope they
will take them to heart.

the email address you should report to is:


I've been using the subject prefix of:

jaws9 beta bug report

followed by a colon followed by a space and then a short subject for the

It helps them a great deal if you include steps on how to reproduce the bug.

Good luck all

Take care,

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