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Here's a site on minmax in the context of chess ... it's very easy, as you
can see, and very understandable.

I could spend hours and hours talking about optimized search, tree
traversal, and shortest path algorithms left and right, but I would say that
there are a lot of tricks that have earned people a very large name for
themselves, along with gobs of success, that you can employ to proon the
tree before doing this stuff. Mainly you simply proon, proon, proon, and
then you apply such algorithms like minmax, AStar search, and so on.

This brings me to alpha beta ... I would call alpha beta a very simplistic
instance of dynamic programming, but that's neither here nor there. Here's
the same site's example, extended with minmax to alpha beta, and I think it
does a great job of explaining it.

Also, this guy does a very decent job at explaining transposition has
tables, iterative deepening, quiescent search, and so on, so here is the
link to the main essay list.

Hope this helps?

If you'd like to talk about non-absolute searches, or even limited
information problems, then I'd love to talk to you about genetic algorithms,
genetic programming, gene expression programming, and some other techniques.

Take care,

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Does anyone already have introduction to artificial intelligence class?
If positive, I would like to know how you make the games' algorithms, such
as minmax and alpha-beta. How do you represent the trees to do the algorithm
faster, the maximizers and minimizers nodes, etc.? I think it's very hard to
solve them in a manageable time, but people who have faced this experience
could probably give a possible solution..

Thanks for the attention and
Waiting for answers, lol

Best regards

Sérgio Neves
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