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Mathew, if its your e mail, well can't do anything about the past, but you can go into your personal list settings and there is an option to not post your e mail, would make private post backs to you problematical, but we've all lived with that for those who don't want there e mail addy's shown . For Blind Programming assistance, Information, Useful Programs, and Links to Jamal Mazrui's Text tutorial packages and Applications, visit me at:
. to be able to view a simple programming project in several programming languages, visit the Fruit basket demo site at:
. for a blind user friendly Chat, go take a look at:
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I disagree. I think the archiving of this list is a very useful feature. In the past I've dug up some old nugget of information or other this way and would strongly oppose this changing. This is a public list; do not post anything you would be uncomfortable with being in the public eye.


Matthew2007 wrote:
Hi all,

Quick question I'm hoping someone on this list might be able to answer. I used Google to search for an FTP server, and I came across some information regarding flash FTP, and since I already use this app, I clicked on the following link just out of curiosity:
I was freaked out when I discovered that the message Google found was a message I posted on this list last October. I'm wondering if I can do anything on my end to prevent my replies from being found when someone conducts a Google search. Since I found my own post from some 9 months ago, I think its pretty safe to assume all of our posts are 100% public, correct? Can we change this setting for this list?--if the bulk of us are interested of course.


The very internet naked Matthew

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