RE: Anyone using Kmodo Edit?

  • From: Rodney Haynie <RodneyH@xxxxxxxxxx>
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  • Date: Fri, 21 Dec 2007 13:50:40 -0500

Yeah, I noticed the speed is not all there, at least at startup.  But there are 
some very good concept and I like how it is laid out.  But even with JAWS 9, I 
still have some fundamental accessibility problems.
I played around with the idea of scripting it, but we'll see.  I'll have to 
check if I can get past these stumbling blocks first.


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It is accessible, but it is not an extraordinary editor for the blind, and some 
things can't be done with it even if using Jaws 8. And I doubt that Jaws 9 make 
those things accessible.

Maybe that it could work better if someone would create some Jaws scripts for 

(But even in that case, those scripts won't make it work as fast as other 

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Subject: Anyone using Kmodo Edit?

I know Jim was using/testing it a month or so ago.
Is anyone who uses a screen reader actually using the product?
So far it looks like it would be usable, after a few key things were fixed 
either with JAWS or Komodo Edit.


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