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go to:

Click on the link: java SE

then the first heading is jdk SE, update 3, and there is a download button
after the descriptive paragraph.

Then accept the license by hitting r to jump to the radio button an dhitting
space to activate it. This will take you to the download page. IE might
bother you about secure and unsecure items on the same page, just say yes.

And then pick what you want from that page.

Take care,
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Hi all,
Thanks for all the help regarding Java. However, I have another question. I
went on to, and click the downloads link. However, I see
things like "Java EE", "Java ME", "Java SE", to which I've absolutely no
idea what they mean. Can anyone help with this please as I'd like to
download the JDK so I can use JCreator properly. Thanks in advance for the
Chris Hallsworth
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