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Right now yes your talking expensive for the Braille displays if you look
into the metals and rstuff that go into the Braille displays and the
regulations to get those metals you will find part of the problem.  The
second part of the problem is just the number you have to buy.  A lot of dev
companies won't even talk to you if you say hey I will only sell 5000 of
these a year.  Even if the price dropped really low the numbers needed to
make the price drop low is not possible so it's a catch 22.  Now I wills say
there are a lot of colleges Sina's is one that are working on cheaper
displays.  When they work then it will change but till then it won't.

Now as for the IPhone. I go back to usability.  Yes its accessible with the
touch screen but I want you to write me a full description of your screen on
your IPhone in an email without using an external keyboard.  I want you to
write something more than 2 pages long typing with your IPhone.  How about
this search for a tutorial on programming for the IPhhone on xcode 4 and
watch the video on your IPhone oh wait sorry most of the demos are in flash
so you're out of luck there.  Sure html5 is coming but while the IPhone is
great its limited for the same reason that some access hardware and software
is its controlled by a small number of people Jobs in the IPhone factor.
While Android needs work it is growing like a demon and either Android or
Chrome will bubble to the top so while IPhone is nice now shrug it's not
something I can use for more than a phone and a simple web browser and a toy
for games.


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>I see some nice features, but on current product very out dated. In 
>fact it was that when it came out. lets not talk about the price, 
>because a good netbook already beets what they offer now.
The most I see so far is another device that is only affordable by 
orgs, and if the price is as it is now? Well humanware, Freedom 
Scientific and GW micro all have products in same category that are 
useless too.
if they want to make something we can use. how about making it affordable
I'm not asking much here. After all Apple did. Everyone pays the same 
price and guess what? you get a screen reader and software that works 
and does it with the op in mind.
The one thing i would like to see is cheap braille products. how come 
when you talk braille you are pretty much buying a car? you mean to 
tell me that with all new products on market and materials for 
building. That braille is still buying a car.
lets get some equality in products with prices that match not 
cripple! i am tired that just because i am blind products seem to say 
sucker pay me all you got and then some!
Don't give me they have only a low market to sell to. if most of 
these products did a fraction of there counter parts used by sighted. 
Guess what they would buy them! But when not doing equal or out doing 
they become products for disabled with price tags that fit the national


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