Re: Announcing availability of SSIP for Windows 1.3 beta

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Hello Jay,
I don't know if it is possible, or if it is legal, or if it is
documented, but is it possible to do a synthezizer driver for jaws
which uses SSIP to output sound? This way one can set the jfw
synthezizer to send sounds to a SSIP server running remotely and one
can have output speech from a remote machine this way ..

2008/2/11, tribble <lauraeaves@xxxxxxxxx>:
> Hi -- not a comment on SSIP per se, but when I tried following that link
> from the email IE7 failed to launch -- I had to call it and paste the link
> in order to get to your page, which is fine, albeit a few keystrokes extra.
> Anyone know why the link wouldn't activate from the email (using OE)? Other
> links in other mails work fine.
> Cheers.
> --le
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> Sent: Sunday, February 10, 2008 10:09 PM
> Subject: Announcing availability of SSIP for Windows 1.3 beta
> Now available at
> is the first beta release of the SSIP for Windows server. The link above
> is the SSIP page on the RemoteAccessBridge website. The page has the
> following sections:
> Introduction to SSIP for Windows
> Simplifying SSIP usage through client wrappers
> Downloading the SSIP for Windows software
> Providing feedback or reporting bugs
> Please keep the following in mind as you install and try out this
> product:
> 1. If you have suggestions or comments regarding this product which are
> appropriate for a public forum, feel free to post them here. However, I
> would encourage you to use the mailto link provided on the web page.
> This will go to my RemoteAccessBridge mailbox and I will compile a list
> of recommendations and bug reports to use in future releases.
> 2. The current installer does not have the ability to detect whether the
> SSIP server is already running. If it is and you try to re-install, the
> installer will error out because required files can't be overwritten.
> Therefore, if you already have an installed and running copy of the
> server, make sure you shut down the server before running the install.
> 3. The client wrappers for both DotNet and java are included with the
> installation. If you allow the installer to use the default install
> directory, these will be located in c:\Program
> files\SSIP4Windows\Clients in the dotnet and java subdirectories
> respectively.
> 4. The DotNet directory under Clients contains the SSIPClient.dll
> assembly, a copy of the web documentation file, and both source and
> executable code for a sample program called SSIPClientDemo.
> 5. While the java directory under Clients contains the wrapper,
> SSIPClient1.0.jar, the sample class is not included
> with this release. You can, however, read the java client API
> documentation on the web page and can include the jar in your projects
> with little difficulty; especially, if you use the source for the C#
> class as a starting point. Keep in mind that the SSIPClient for java
> makes use of some collections objects. It is suggested that the client
> be used with java 1.4 or higher.
> 6. The server can run in 2 different modes; normal and debug. In normal
> mode, there is no SSIP server window initially opened and only a system
> tray icon is shown. Selecting the tray icon allows you to either open
> the SSIP monitor console window or shut down the server. When started in
> debug mode, another option on the SSIP for windows group added to
> Start/All Programs, the monitor window is opened automatically. This
> window allows you to see when client applications connect to the server
> and what request/response strings are passed. Within the monitor window,
> you have buttons to clear the console text or shut down the SSIP server.
> 7. I have noticed that, from time to time, I have lost the system tray
> icon even though the server continues to execute. When this occurs in
> normal mode, there is no way of accessing the server to shut it down
> aside from going to task manager and killing the process. Am working on
> that little bug.
> So that's it for the initial release. I look forward to your comments
> and suggestions. Also, now that the initial effort of setting up the web
> page and getting the installer loaded out is done, making updates should
> be a little simpler.
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