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Hi Jim,
Send your resume to resume@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx<mailto:resume@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>.


Jim Homme, Usability Engineering.
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Hi All,

I’ve worked as a programmer for almost 20 years, primarily with Oracle PL/SQL, 
Java, Pro*C/C++, and ksh, but I was recently laid off.  I use ZoomText and live 
in NJ.

1) Does anyone have recommendations of companies to apply to for work?  I am 
currently looking at federal job openings.

2) I’m looking for schools that teach dot net programming or Network 
Administration to blind programmers.  So far, the only one I know of (thanks to 
Jamal Mazrui) is Lions World Services in Arkansas.  Does anyone know of a 
school that is closer to me in NJ?

3) I’d be interested in talking with anyone who is blind or visually impaired 
and is working as a Network Administrator so I could learn more about what that 
job is like.

Thank you for your help.

Jim Pasquale

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