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  • Date: Fri, 12 Oct 2007 14:39:14 -0600

#include <iostream>
using namespace std;
int main(void) {
cout << "I think copyright is a huge part of programming.\n" << endl;
cout << "Maybe our moderator is just getting to heavy-handed?\n" << endl;
return 1;

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  if copyright is not a part of programming discussions, then I guess we should 
start writing to each other in C++ and ignore anything that ain't in that 

  the elf
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    No, i agree:  this is not the appropriate place for legal discussions.
    If i could just have a chance before this thread is officially stopped, i 
just want to give everyone concerned about this issue an invitation to email me 
directly:  dusty_bray@xxxxxxxxxxx

    Thank you very much, everyone, for all your help.  i want to look into the 
issue much deeper and see if this is actually true.  If it is true that 
software developers are prohibited from providing some of the most basic and 
obvious of adaptations to the blind, then FS has a monopoly on accessibility 
itself, and you should be very, very concerned.

    Thank you,


    > Date: Fri, 12 Oct 2007 07:49:52 -0600
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    > Hey Admin,
    > Don't tell me that you've never posted about anything offtopic. If you
    > want to suspend people for giving their advice about programming
    > issues, then this is a poorly moderated list. I get a lot of help from
    > this list, and I give it when i believe that my skills are sufficient
    > enough to give it. However, you spend all your time posting about
    > offtopic stuff then actually posting on topic things yourself.
    > Nimer J
    > On 10/12/07, james.homme@xxxxxxxxxxxx <james.homme@xxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
    > >
    > > Hi Chris and others,
    > > We are getting into legal advice and all kinds of stuff that we need to
    > > stop talking about. This topic ends at noon Eastern time today so that I
    > > can give listers a chance to see this message. After that, I will need 
    > > bring out the suspension thing since we have had multiple messages after
    > > apologies about being off topic. Sounds like the apologies weren't 
    > > enough to stop the messages from showing up.
    > >
    > > Jim
    > > James D Homme, , Usability Engineering, Highmark Inc.,
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    > > wait until I think I
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