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Ok, I understand. I don't have a sample code that can help you, but depending on what you want to do, it might be a little harder to do.

To create the GUI may be simple, and to log on the server could be also simple, but after logging in, it might be pretty hard to parse the web page in order to get the relevant content (a table for example) and store its content into a list in the GUI.

If you would make the program in perl, you could use the accessible libraries for creating GUIS (Win32::GUI or WxPerl), and me and Jamal had presented some FruitBasket samples with these libraries. If you want to log in a site, you could use a code like:

use LWP::Simple;
my $page_content = get(;

This will let you get the page that appears after you log in, and you can parse its content. There are some CPAN modules that can help you to do that, but I always prefered using simple regular expressions.

Then you can print the result you got in the GUI.

These are only the basics, because actually it is some more difficult.

You shouldn't use LWP::Simple to get only a single page after you log in, but you do need LWP::UserAgent, because it allows you to also get and save cookies, then send them to the server on the subsequent accesses, because otherwise it won't consider you an authorized user.

Doing these things could involve some work, but it is not such a difficult thing, but if you also want your app to work nice and to be responsive, you might need to use some worker threads that fetch the pages, because otherwise the app might seem to be frozen until the web page has been fetched. Using threads in perl is not very easy, and that's why perl is not very suitable for creating apps with GUIS. A perl thread is almost like a process, and even if there are some modules that allow sharing simple variables between threads, they don't allow you to share handles and objects. Because of this, you can't share a database handle for example.

Of course, for what you want, you might do it without many issues, but as I never done exactly what you want, I don't know what problems could appear.


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I am making a program that will log a person into their user account at a
less than accessible web page then I will present some tasks that they can
do their and give them an accessible gui rather than fight with an ugly web


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I don't understand what you exactly want. Can you be a little more specific?

Do you want a program with a native Windows GUI, or with a web based GUI?

Do you want a simple CGI program made in perl that gets some parameters and send them to the server, or you want a Windows GUI program that fetch a web
page and do something with its content, or send some content to a certain
program that runs on a web page?


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From: "Ken Perry" <whistler@xxxxxxxxxxxxx>
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Subject: Accessing Web from a program

I am looking for sample code in any language that creates a dialog out of
form on a web site and allows someone to submit that form after the person
enters the information.  Note that I need this to be GUI based and the
must be accessible.  If there is a library for this just point that out
I will be off and running.  All the examples I have found on the web just
suck so I am hoping someone here has done it.


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