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do you really want to start up a flame war?

I'll only make one statement, screen reader preference is a matter of personnel choice, and preference, I support jaws and think hal is two thirds of a pun... P U .

have fun,
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Check out Enterprise Architect. if I remember
Enterprise architect is very accessible with some screen readers.
Hal/Supernova is fine, the last time I tried it with Jaws it didn't have
a hope but if your using a good screen reader EA is my tool of choice
for UML.


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I know this question has been asked from time to time on this list but
I'm hoping for any recent updates that anyone is aware of. This week, I
started as tech lead for a new development project which will require
considerable documentation and reviews. I am hoping to find a tool which
will allow me to convey ideas and design structures in the form of
diagrams such as UML.

I'd like a tool which will accept some form of text input or XML input
and produce various diagrams. I have the latest copy of AT&T Graphviz
(version 2.18) and it is very powerful but Graphviz doesn't come with
any templates specifically aimed at producing UML style diagrams. It can
likely be done but if there is something else already out there which is
accessible, that would even be better.


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