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Wow! This fills in all of the gaps I have run into in the past when attempting to understand emacspeak! I am not sure how practical it will be for me to master emacs since the loss of several fingers makes it impossible to position fingers on home row. Just pressing the sequences I have seen for accomplishing a task is extremely difficult. Perhaps starting through the menus would be easier most of the time? I still want to learn the basics and give it a try. This seems perfect for that!

Don Marang
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A lot of people don't think of it as an html editor but it's got lots
of plugins besides the ones I named that let you do just that.  It's
probably because so much of the introductory material is just so
time-consuming to go through before you can do anything.  Also, in
many of the forums, they want you to learn a zillion hotkeys, read
tomes and tomes of unix manuals and stay up all night learning Emacs
lisp before they agree to show you where the meta key is.  I got mad
and decided that I'd do something about it.  I am writing a simple,
do-driven tutorial on Emacspeak which targets a modern user of windows
and Gnome with their menu systems and the like.  I think one is well
overdue since the latest one I could find was last updated in 2001 and
here we are in 2011.  I'm about 75% done and need to do some serious
spell checking and typo fixing but, here's the link.  Remember, it's a
work in progress.  The goal is to actually get it to where you can
*DO* *SOMETHING* within your first 5 or so minutes of launching it.  I
wrote it in org-mode and exported it to html.  See for yourself how
well it does:;a=blob_plain;f=emacspeak-easy-howto.html;hb=HEAD
 Also, I've got about a grand total of 2 weeks or so under my belt
with org-mode in case you are wondering how long it took me to learn
how to do this.

Alex M
On 3/1/11, Ken Perry <whistler@xxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
Very interesting I never thought of emacs s an html editor I will look into


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Hi, Ken,

Currently, I'm rather taken with Emacs org-mode for writing web
content.  I've seen lots and lots of css code in the exported source
files.  I'd use a one row table as a navbar.  Links are enclosed in
pairs of brackets with the url and the description inside a nested
pair of brackets respectively.  Tables are created using a | (pipe) at
the beginning and end  of a row and each cell is separated by yet
another |.  Here's a really quick example:

|[[][Check the
weather]]|[[Http://][Find audio Text
books]]|[[][Search using google]]|

Put that all on one line, cut and paste it into a file you save with a
.org extension and then bring it up in Emacs.  Then, c-c c-e to
export, press h for html, give it a title, press enter and. wham!  To
see what it looks like, just bring the resulting html file up with
your favorite browser and see if it's what you want.

Muse Mode is another good authoring environment for Emacs.  I'm using
these examples because I recall you once posted that you have
Emacspeak set up on a machine somewhere?  Anyway, I recently
discovered these two modes and I am just loving them since you don't
have to write most of the html by hand.  The exported file is, of
course available and you can then tweak it to your own specifications
after most of the trivial stuff has been done for you.
If you want an accessible wysiwyg html editor that also lets you edit
the source code, KompoZer has worked out well for me.  It's a
Gecko-based html editor that has a wysiwig mode, a tag mode and a
source mode. It's pretty accessible though it could probably do with
some scripting.  If you want something even more high end, there's
always dreamweaver but  it's not free unlike the other stuff I
mentioned here.
The Microsoft tool I think you were going for is Frontpage.  It's
successor is callld SharePoint Designer.  I have never used it before
so I have no idea how accessible or inaccessible it is.

Some links:
Org mode:
Muse Mode:

Good luck,
Alex M

On 3/1/11, Ken Perry <whistler@xxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:

I have a question that is sort of realated to this post. I inherited the upkeep of a web page recently. It looks like crap and now I will probably start fresh. When I used to write web pages I wrote them using Microsoft Publisher. Or whatever that designer program they no longer support was
called.  Anyway What is the easiest way to create a business looking web
page with css navigation bars that are accessible.


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If you design web pages, you will want to see this.



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