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  • Date: Thu, 15 Oct 2009 09:51:05 +0530

Hi Jay,
wonderful, I am curious about Eclipse. Few questions about it. Does it
have accessible intellisense like thing? (it really helps in
programming, especially for case-sensitive languages.)
Are We able to develop all types of java programs (including JSPs) with Eclipse?
I will also look at it on the link you provided; thanks

On 10/14/09, Macarty, Jay  {PBSG} <Jay.Macarty@xxxxxxxx> wrote:
> Varunh,
> A good part of my job is java programming. I use both JAWS and Window-Eyes
> depending on which fits a given situation best. The java development
> environment I use is Eclipse. It is quite accessible with either screen
> reader. I set up a few function keys to jump between various windows easier
> such as f6 to go to the compile results pane, f7 to go to the tree showing
> my project files, and f8 to go to the console output pane. Key f12 is, by
> default, already set up to take you back to the editor pane from most
> anywhere else you might be. This gives me quick access to the panes I use
> the most.
> I have eclipse set up to compile a program automatically when it is saved;
> thus, I can enter code in the editor pane, press ctrl+s to save/compile it,
> and then press f6 to go to the compile results pane to check for errors or
> warnings.
> If you want to read more about Eclipse and get the free download, you can go
> to
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> Hello friends,
> Recently I ask for a good java book and included my another query in the
> same email. I realized later that the subject formed, concentrated only on
> the book query and as a result, it overshadowed the other query . So here's
> my other query:
> I believe there must be many VIs out here who have worked a bit (some have a
> lot) on java - so which is your favorite (or at least prefered) development
> environment strictly in terms of accessibility. I have heard of Netbeans,
> how much accessible is it? I would like to start with Java but don't want to
> frustrate me by wasting tuns of hours in finding an accessible way of
> working on it. I also have an expression that java apps (so does
> development) are poor in accessibility - I wish that this terns out to be my
> prejudice. Thanks for any help!
> --
> Varun
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