RE: Accessible Blackberry?

  • From: "Ken Perry" <whistler@xxxxxxxxxxxxx>
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  • Date: Thu, 18 Oct 2007 20:03:23 -0700

The problem with making the black berry accessible is that the sdk is Java
and it has some pretty big restrictions on size of jar files The only tts
right now in Java is free tts and I can tell you that it didn't run on my
wife's Black berry.  Another factor is the development kit sucks for
accessibility.  I have it on my computer and I have tinkered with it a bit
and lets just say its a mess.  I can say though that the emulator for the
black berry is more usable than the one for pocket pc.  I think I will go
see if anything has changed in the last 6 months I last played with this 8
months ago.


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Not yet, but I have heard it said that Humanware will be tasked with
inventing a way of making the Blackberry accessible next year.  I no nothing
beyond this, but there may be hope for it, albeit a long way off.

Have a great day,

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>The DBA team that I am a member of is going to be using the now
>Blackberry to do pageouts and for severity 1 alerts.  To the best
of my
>knowledge, this technology is not accessible - does anyone have
>information to the contrary or how the Blackberry can be made to
>Regards, Peter

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