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here we go with this again, *sigh* we have had a professional web designer out 
here, who was and is blind...  invited by James homme, and he spoke long and 
straight forward about this... 

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  Web site development could mean very many things, so they can tell you to do 
many things that are absolutely inaccessible for a blind.

  It could mean server side programming, client side programming, database 
development, server and network administration, and these are accessible, but 
it could also mean web design which is not accessible, or so low accessible 
that it would not help any blind person to become a professional web designer.

  Discrimination means very many things also. Nothing could exist without 
beeing discriminatory for some persons.
  For the blind perspective, something absolutely not discriminatory would be 
something which has the same accessibility level for everyone, no matter if 
they can see or not.

  In your case, if the other sighted persons would be able to do what that 
program requires, without using the display, it wouldn't be discriminatory, but 
it couldn't be that way, because all the sighted persons think that "sighted is 
normal", while "blind is not normal".

  In this case, you could ask them to allow you not to follow the classes that 
requires using the mouse, because you cannot use a mouse.
  If the professors or other students would be able to do what you need to do 
without a mouse but only with the keyboard, than I think you would be able to 
do it also.

  Forcing a blind computer programmer to use a mouse could mean discrimination.


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    well, next year looking at doing the diploma in information technology, 
website development.
    a couple of challenges i have, is that a couple of units, i probably will 
not be able to do, as one is to use advanced and basic features of adobe 
photoshop, to crop, manipulate images, and create 2d and 3d animation, using 
adobe flash, as part of my major project.
    Now, the National Traning Information System, which is governed by a 
national curriculum, for tafe across Australia, and comes from the department 
of education, canberra.
    now, as i will have trouble being deemed competent, because jaws, will not 
work with this software, as a core part of the course, and i have spoken to my 
disability office and the main lecturer, who organises the learning curriculum 
and talks to other lecturers.
    they will be using adobe photo shop, adobe flash.
    i know, i could probably use the flash development kit, but the major 
challenge is the graphics side of things.  So they are willing to bend, in 
their curriculum, as they said i would have an advantage, if i had sighted help 
to crop, edit and manipulate the objects.
    so, got any tips, tricks, or any work arounds for that, or is this a 
dissability discrimination act complaint, that might change their mind and bend 
to accomodate, not just me, but another vision impaired friend of mine is doing 
the same diploma with new south wales tafe, as this is a national curriculum, 
and has been rolled out as the new training package for the past 12 months.
    if you can let me know, how to get round this problem, as the other 
subjects, i should be able to use php, editor, my sql database, visual 2005, for the asp stuff, etc.
    if anyone has had the same problem or situation, let me know asap.
    having a meeting soon to review what i have done this year for certificate 
iv in website development.
    cheers marvin.

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