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Thenks for these comments guys, I'll certainly get back to you if I get to
the next interview stage.  I don't know as I will be using VFP itself, it
sounds like it's an in-house language that uses an IDE that was created
using VFP.  So the IDE application uses forms/controls/menus which were
obtained from the VFP toolbox and it's the accessibility of these with Jaws
I'm questioning. 




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Adding to these excellent comments, I will say it is very important to find
out what version of VFP the client is currently using for development of
those applications.

VFP8 and VFP 9 are the most accessible of the VFP versions. My experience is
that I could not do any development using Access Technology (in my case
JAWS) using VFP 7 or VFP 6.


I have a good amount of experience creating applications using FoxPro, going
back to 2.5 dos/windows. But I was not using Access Technology back then. I
started using AT when VFP 8 came out.


There are absolutely loads of work-around I use to developed in the
environment, but I  try not to do much of any user interface creation any
more. I will defer that to a colleague, and then modify the forms and
reports once the generic structure is created and laid out.


So, if you have any specific VFP questions in the future, don't hesitate to
send them over the list.






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Hi, Chris,


We have a couple of legacy apps for running monthly reports that were
written in Visual FoxPro.  I will admit that I created them when I was still
using ZoomText and I've only done minor mods to them in the past few years.
With JAWS, working with the database tables is pretty accessible, as is
IntelliSense in the Command window.  The code editor is readable, but I
often get a repetition problem when moving from line to line.  Also, it does
not read highlighted text anywhere near correctly.  Moving around the
Property window takes some playing around, including needing alot of the
JAWS cursor.  I haven't placed any controls on a form in a very long time,
but from what I remember, the accessibility of both the form and the toolbox
are between slim and none.  Overall, unless there is a JAWS script for VFP
9.0, I'd be rather wary of trying to work with it for heavy duty


Ryan Stevens




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Subject: Accessibility


I've applied for a job where the Company have an in-house developed
programming tool, developed using FoxPro.  Do any of you guys have any
experience of using FoxPro and if so, are the forms, menus and controls
likely to be accessible using Jaws?    





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