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Hi Jessica,
well first of all you should have a kind of idea what you want to program.
Learning goes far easier when you have an application in mind. Since you
have a website it may be interesting to do some html or php first. You
should look for a tutorial that starts with a hello word program. Those kind
of programs are usually the first program one writes in a new language.

In general it would be the easiest thing to start off with some console
programming - that means to write a programm that just writes and reads data
tot he command promt and from the keyboard.

Just copy the following lines bgetween the lines with dashes (but not the
dash lines themselve into an text editor and save the file as test.bat.
rem first program
echo this is a line of output
rem the next line will make the program wait until the user presses any key.
echo another line of output
rem wait again for a key
Save the file to a location that is easy to reach e.g. c:\test.bat

Now open a command prompt by pressing Windows+r and type cmd followed by
You will be in the command prompt now.
Type the full filename like so
And press enter.
You will see the above program run. It is a very simple program and it
should be clear what is going on. The program is executed line by line and
consists of
Comments that start with the word rem
Outputs that start with the word echo
And waits for input of any key with the word pause.

Such a program is called a batch file.

Try experimenting with the comands - changing texts, deleting and adding
lines etc. When your done you have a very very basic understanding of
programming. You could proceed by embedding commands that are available in
DOS and therefore also in the command prompt. Here are just some to get you
Cd \users
Cd ..
Copy c:\test.bat c:\testbackup.bat
Del c:\testbackup.bat

You can call up a help for theese commands by typing 
Hbelp command
help dir
in the command prompt. The contents oft he help may be a bit complicated but
give it a try - it won't hurt you.

I hope that will give you a kick start and ensure you that you are able to
program. A Link in HTML is much simpler than the above commands.


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Hi. I am completely blind and know nothing about programing. I 
have tried teaching myself html and have also tried teaching 
myself inform for writing text adventure games. I failed at both 
and can't even code a simple link in html. However, I think with 
some help and training, I can learn a programing language and I 
think learning how to develop for iOS will be more useful then 
html or inform. Do you think this can be done by a person like me 
and if yes, what are some getting started resources for very very 
beginners? Everything I have found by searching assumes that you 
know something about programing already, which is not the case 
for me. I have also heard from other blind people who are trying 
to teach themselves programing that the tutorials they find are 
no help because they are too visual and XCode is hard, not 
impossible, but hard to use with VoiceOver. I also found a site 
called but it did not even have the info 
the person who posted about it said it had. And also, I don't 
think the teaching it to myself thing is going to work. Are there 
any training programs where I can get help over face time or 
skype or mailing lists for beginning blind programmers or 
anything like that? Thank you.

Please go check out my website: which has lots of 
different info on a number of topics for blind and visually 
impaired people and which I have recently redone.  Also please 
check out my low traffic mailing list: 
// where we can talk 
about anything related to blindness.  Thank you.
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