RE: A delicate issue with the windows command prompt

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Are you using 32 bit or 64 bit windows.  Jaws 11 and 12 works fine with the
cmd in 64 bit if you don't mind it repeating the whole line every time you
delete a character.  I have told FS of this and while they fixed part of the
problem I told them about the repeat is still a problem when deleting.




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Subject: A delicate issue with the windows command prompt


Hi folks,


I have run into an issue in command prompt which bothers me while using the
tools that are accessible via the windows command line, such as the CMD
itself, python interactive interpreter and so on. when the command box fills
up with the stuff and it starts scrolling down for the new lines to be
appeared, I noticed that the backspace, when pressed, Jaws reads the
character to the left of the cursor's above line (instead of the cursor's
current line), though the backspace is doing what is expected to do. For the
command line, the CLS command clears the screen and it is a decent quick
fix. However for python and also the other tools I am not so sure of such a
command/fix. Now I want to find out if this issue is present in any other
variants of this combination: XP SP3 and Jaws 10. Besides, I appreciate any
suggestions or comments on how to resolve this issue.


Many thanks,


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